Fan Engagement

Club Specific

A free game to play, Know Your Football is a simple but effective way for clubs to engage with supporters.

Unlike most prediction games Know Your Football focuses on a single club, giving supporters the chance to prove that they are most knowledgable follower of their club.

The regular predictions gives clubs repeated touch-points with it's supporters, through reminder and result emails, and through the site itself.

In the 2017/2018 Cambridge United pilot game:

  • an average of 64% of registered users predicted per game.
  • 41% of registered users predicted every game.
  • Emails had a 45% open rate and a 22% click through rate.

Know Your Football has made it possible for us to achieve a number of things in the few months that we have piloted the product.

Firstly, it’s enabled us to engage with our supporters, and has given them an additional aspect to enjoy as part of their match day experience.

Secondly, it’s enabled us to market our products to fans in a fairly non-invasive way, including tickets, to the games they are predicting, and merchandise.

Finally, it has enabled us as a Club to demonstrate to a wide variety of stakeholders, the innovative and forward-thinking approach that we like to take to enable our football club to progress, by partnering with innovative products such as Know Your Football.

Henry Comfort, Chief Operating Officer, Cambridge Utd

Revenue Generation

Through Know Your Football there are a number of revenue generation opportunities.

Whether this is pushing ticket sales on the reminder emails, to boosting sales in the club shop, giving supporters a reduction when presenting an in-game trophy, there are plenty of creative ways the game can be harnessed to support marketing efforts.

Content Generation

Know Your Football's ease of use means there is a low barrier to entry for supporters of all ages from 10 - 100+, meaning the game is inclusive and crossed boundaries

From this comes interesting stories about the supporters. For example, some of the top scorers in the last Cambridge United season, included a 70 year old man from Wales, an 18 year old from Israel and a 15 year old local girl.

…really enjoyed Know Your Football, it really adds a bit of excitement to match day. Can't think of anything to in improve it, the statistics are excellent. I hope you continue next season!

Andrew Townsend, Cambridge Utd Supporter

Low Maintenance

Know Your Football takes care of itself for the season. Fixtures and results are added and updated automatically and retention emails are sent by the system as specified times, meaning there is nothing for a club to do except offer prizes at the end of each month.


Know Your Football can be used off-the-shelf or customised to fit with a club's website or fan engagement offering.


Know Your Football offers an engaging and fun opportunity for club sponsors to be associated with a club.

KYF has proved to be an excellent brand promotion channel/solution for us.

It has enabled us to engage with thousands of supporters in a fun but meaningful way. We’ll be staying involved with KYF!

Tony Collard, Director, Ethos, Product Sponsor