How It Works

The premise of Know Your Football is deceptively simple, yet incredibly powerful. Fans gain points and win trophies for predicting the success (or failure!) of their club, one match at a time, as the season progresses. On top of this, there are monthly prizes for the best performing fan and an end-of-season grand prize.

The unique value proposition of this product sees fans pitched against fellow fans of the same club. The aim is to be the best and brightest supporter of your team. This turns the focus of supporting a football team inwards, away from the traditional inter-club rivalry, and separates the fair-weather fan from the diehard supporter. Fans can even create their own leagues to compete against a selected group of their peers.


For each game that your team play, you predict:

  • The scoreline
  • A scorer for your team
  • The time of the first goal


3 Pts

Right result

Correctly predict the right result for 3 points

5 Pts

Correct scoreline

Correctly predict the scoreline and bag yourself 5 points

1 Pt

A goalscorer

1 point for every goal your selected player scores

1 Pt

The time of the first goal

Correctly pick the 15 minute period in which the first goal is scored and get 1 point.

Compete against other fans


Players compete against each other in month long and season long leagues, as well as being able to set up mini-leagues to challenge friends and family.


Players earn trophies for various achievements in the game, from making a first prediction, to picking a scorer who bags themselves a hat-trick.