How it works


For each game that your team plays, you predict:

  • The final score
  • A scorer for your team
  • The time of the first goal


Correct predictions get rewarded with points:

  • 3 points for a right result
  • 5 points for a correct score
  • 1 points for a goal by your goalscorer
  • 1 points for the time of the first goal


Players can compete against other supporters in different ways.

A Monthly League

The player accumulates points through the month, and the supporter with the highest score when the month ends wins an exclusive prize.

Prizes offered by clubs so far include signed shirts and memorabilia, and hospitality match tickets.

A Season League

All points earned through the season go towards the player’s total score.

Clubs can either award the prize to the overall winner, or can give the top 10 the opportunity to be in the ‘winner takes all’ predict off for the last match of the season.

Prizes offered so far include the opportunity to appear in the team photo.

Friends Leagues

Players can create their own leagues to compete against friends and family.

Beat the Legend

Players can go head to head and compare their prediction with the prediction of a legend of the club.

Each match, the scores are compared and the player gets a win, lose or draw.

The player with the best record against the legend each month wins an exclusive club prize.

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